Federation History

Gennady Trukhanov
President of Ukraine National Thai boxing Federation of Muay Thai

Vitaly Rychko
Первый Вице-президент Национальной украинской федерации таиландского бокса Муэй Тай, Первый вице-президент Европейской федерации Муэй Тай, заслуженный тренер Украины, международный квалификационный инструктор по Муэй Тай.

Thai Box Muay Thai had became to develop in Ukraine from 1989 year as a kind of martial arts. Owing to active work of Rychko V.I. and Borodina V.V. there was conducted in Odessa a Union of eastern martial arts. This way Muay Thai was actively developing in Odessa. The propagandist of Muay Thai was Federov V.

In 1990 year owing to work of representatives of Union of eastern martial arts in Odessa there was made a contact with European Association of Muay Thai. The Odessa citizens were two times in Amsterdam (Holland) in 1991 year upon the invitation of the president of this Association T. Harinka and owing to active help of businessman Lisovitcky V. They took part in courses for instructors in Thai Box and the Union that they were represented became a member of this European Association.

In June 1991 year, owing to work of Borodin V. there was organized the 1 professional bout in Muay Thai. Bulgarian boxer Ivayilo Gorlushki fight with Oleg Minto, who was the representative of Odessa Union. In the second round there was the winner from Odessa by technical knockout. This way it was a beginning of developing of professional Muay Thai in Ukraine. Unfortunately Fedorov V. immigrated to Holland and Borodin V. immigrated to USA the same year. So they could not take part in recognition and developing Muay Thai in Ukraine.

In autumn of 1991 year Rychko V.I. invites Germany upon the invitation of secretary of European Association Detlefa Turnau. He passes the seminar for instructors successfully and in December of 1991 year opens the 1 officially registered sport club "Muay Thai". This way Muay Thai got an official status.

During 1991-1992 years Ukrainian Muay Thai becomes the member of all international organizations, which worked in the world at that time. Such as: World Muay Thai Association, international Muay Thai Association, and European Muay Thai Association.

The first victories of sport club Odessa "Muay Thai" were associated with the name of businessman Yuriy Ephimov. He was the general sponsor of sport events that were conducted by Odessa sport club. This person made a lot in order Muay Thai was successfully developing in Ukraine.

In Aprile 1993 in Bangkok (Thailand) Ukrainian boxers took part (for the first time) in the 1st international amateur tournament. 4 boxers represented the Ukrainian team. But only two boxers (from Odessa sport club "Muay Thai") became winners. They were Chernolutsky C., 2 place, 75 kg., Pavlov V., 3 place, 71 kg. This international tournament was organized by Thailand Government and Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand. There was also a conference of International federation Muay Thai amateur.

In January 1944 in sport complex Hua Mark (Bangkok) there were held the 1st international courses for coaches and judges. Thailand Government, IFMA and IAMTF organized these courses. The people from Odessa learned tactic and technique of Muay Thai. There were the best Thai instructors in these courses. In May 1994 year in Nakonsy (Thailand) AMAT and IFMA carried out the 2nd international amateur tournament in Muay Thai. The first gold medal got Yevtushenko P. from Odessa. Also the Odessa boxers got 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

In July 1994 year in Odessa was held a tournament in Muay Thai between Ukraine and Thailand. Ukraine was the winner with the counting 3:2.

In 1994 year in Chantaburi (Thailand) was held the 1st World Amateur Championship in Muay Thai. It was organized by IFMA. The best boxers took part in this Championship. Ukraine got 1 gold medal and two bronze medals and the 5th place as a team out of 23 teams. That is the result of the perfomance Ukrainian team that was represented Odessa Muay Thai club sportsmen. Pavel Yevtushenko has become the first in history of Ukraine World Champio in weight category 81 kg, Cergey Chernolutsky has become the bronze prize winner (75 kg), Vitaliy Pavlov bronze prize winner (71 kg).

That was the result of a great work and a great success of Ukrainian thai-boxing which has confirmed its place among the country-leaders of this kind of sport.

Odessa club of Thai-boxing "Muay thai" during the period from 1992-1994 is organizing and holding the international fights on Muay Thai with participation of sportsmen from foreign companies with the purpose of advertising of this kind of sport. In 1992 the book of Rychko Vitaliy "Muay Thai - Thailand boxing" is being published and particularly being bought within 1 month. In 1994 the newspaper "Ukrainian Youth" a heading "Thai-boxing - the lesson of Vitaly Rychko" was being printed within next few months the youth of Ukraine was being acquainted with this new wonderful kind of sport. So there appears an interest to Thai box Muay Thai and there opens a lot of sport clubs in many cites of Ukraine. Such as Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Cherkasu. In Ukraine establishes the contacts among the clubs. In June 1995 the Department of Justice of Ukraine set up Ukrainian Thai boxing federation of Muay Thai, licence # 661 from 22.06.1995.

The leadership took Gennadiy Trukhanov. Owing to his active work the developing of Muay Thai had improved and had became more qualitative.

In October 1996 opens Ukrainian center Thai boxing Muay Thai which meets the whole international requirements for training instructors, judges, and sportsman of high class.

In September 1997 in Ukraine opens the 1st Child&Youthful Muay Thai and kickboxing sport club. In this club the children can learn Thai box at the age of 7 by special methods.

1-2 times a week the members of National Ukrainian team passes training course in the best clubs and sportive camps Muay Thai in Thailand. Ukrainian team take part in all international competitions, World and European Championships and always gets the medals.

In October 1995 UTBFMT had organized and carried out a grand international event "Ukrainian team-World team". The best professional boxers from Thailand, Germany, France, Morocco, Hungary took part in this event. There were carried out 5 bouts for professional title World Champion, European Champion, the champion of Eurasia. 4Ukrainian boxers got the Champion belts.

In February 1996 in Odessa was held the 1st official national Championship in Muay Thai. The boxers from 19 regions of Ukraine took part in this Championship. In the results of this Championship there were named the 1st titles: Master of Sport of Ukraine in Muay Thay.

Today federation unites 30 clubs and sections that develop Muay Thai in 26 cites of Ukraine. Six times our boxers were World Champions, 11 times European Champions. Our federation trained 8 European Cup winners, 10 finalist of World Championship. We trained 20 Masters of sport of international class, 45 Masters of sport of Ukraine. Federation's work was highly appreciated by State Committee of youth policy sport and tourism of Ukraine and in January 2000 gave to UTBFMT a status "NATIONAL FEDERATION" and also an exclusive rights:

  • to develop Muay Thai in Ukraine,
  • to conduct in Ukraine the international and national competitions in this kind of sport.
  • to represent Ukraine in all international organizations in this kind of sport, including
  • World and European Championships.

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