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The minister in matters of family, youth and sports Jury Pavlenko is in guests at federation.

On March, 18th, in guests at federation was a Minister in matters of family, youth and sports Jury Pavlenko. Jury Alekseevich has congratulated fighters on a victory in the World championship and has expressed confidence, as of the future Ukrainian Thai boxers will occupy leading positions on international competitions.

Pleasantly, that at last work of federation of the Thai boxing was noticed and estimated in the government of Ukraine. Jury Pavlenko has rewarded Gennady Leonidovich Truhanov the Honored insignia ministry in matters of family, young people and sport...



K-1 Tokio 2-02-2008


The first victory in this year! News from Tokyo

As will begin a year, so him and will conduct! We report with gladness - Artur Kyshenko in Japan has confidently won the opponent, Japanese fighter Shingo Garyu. From short phone call it is known, that fight has ended already in 1st round. Arthur has made the basic emphasis on work with hands, and it has brought result. Two knock-downs Japanese fighter has gone through, but towards the end of round the blow with the left in a head has sent him in the third knock-down. The referee has decided to interfere and some seconds prior to a break has stopped fight.

Oh and Arthur, oh and very handsome guy! We congratulate on victory!!!


Holiday of Champions

On January, 17th, in a night club «Palladium» has taken place the holiday on which in solemn conditions congratulated sportsmen, members of a national team of Ukraine. The ratio to this event was expressed by the President of Ukraine - Victor Yushchenko. To federation has come the telegramme, in which President of the country...



World championship summarising

Results of the World championship 2007.

The championship has come to the end on December, 5th. All teams have parted on houses, and time has come to sum up. Organizers of the championship have let out an official press release according to which in the championship have taken part exactly...



Candidates for a combined team

After long meditations, Pavel Evtushenko, at last, has outlined a circle of sportsmen , of which he will form a mans combined team for participation in the world championship which will pass in Thailand (the end of November - the beginning of December). Up to the final decision of time remains very little..
The best will go to Bangkok!


Whether the cruiser "Aurora" voyaged to Siam?

The Cup of consulate of Thailand in the Russian Federation

In searche of the answer on this question the youthful team of federation of Thai boxing has gone to St.-Petersburg.
From September, 21 till 23rd in St. Petersburg passed youth tournament on Thai boxing « The Cup of consulate of kingdom Thailand in the Russian Federation ». There have gathered young sportsmen from many cities of Russia (N.Novgorod, Novokhopersk, St.-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk) and Belarus (Мolodichevo, Оsipovichi and Minsk) . Ukraine was represented by sportsmen from Odessa - Igor Monastyrsky 1994, Denis Buch 1994, Vitaly Sokolov 1994, Feodor Gubar 1994, Leonid Kogan 1996 and Maxim Kogan 1990.
Guys, having experienced, all measure of the responsibility assigned to them, have shown an excellent level of preparation and skill tactically correctly to construct fight. On their fights it was visible, that it is not just six sportsmen, it is representatives of Thai boxing school of Ukraine. Probably therefore our fighters six times rose on the top step of a pedestal, proud holding flag of Ukraine in hands.
Summed up it is possible to say, that six sportsmen have brought home the six first places, the Cup « For will to victory » and the Cup « For the best technique »

  • Igor Monastyrsky - 1 place and a cup « For the best technique »..
  • Denis Buch - 1 place and a cup « For will to victory »
  • Vitaly Sokolov - 1 place
  • Feodor Gubar - 1 place
  • Leonid Kogan - 1 place
  • Maxim Kogan - 1 place

We congratulate young winners and their outstending trainer - Natalia Anatolievna Kogan!


Photo К-1 МАХ

Arthur Kyshenko and Pavel Sergeevich Evtushenko have returned from Japan. Have brought many impressions and photo. We lay out a part from them.

Once again we congratulate Arthur with excellent fight in Tokyo!

Final K-1 MAX on October, 3rd 2007


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