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Results of 6-th Cup of Ukraine

From September, 21st till September, 24th took place the 6-th national Cup of Ukraine on the athletic field of rest base „Brigantina".

Fights took place on 2 rings, on open air near the sea.

18 teams have participated in competitions from 18 cities of Ukraine, 13 areas and 3 countries. Except for the Ukrainian sportsmen competed the fighters from Belarus and Moldova.

In total participants - 183, from them 17 girls and 166 men. Have lead 128 fights

Results of 6-th Cup of Ukraine


Virtual excursion in sports hall

We suggesting you to glance in our sports hall
Like as virtual excursion.
With the help of a mousy it is possible to operate by rotations of the chamber.

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The Cup of Ukraine

Terms and place of carrying out of the Cup of Ukraine are determined. v. Кoblevo, Nikolaev.
Rest base "Brigantina".

On September, 21st - day of arrival. Registration and accommodation of participants.
On September, 22nd - opening of competitions.
On September, 24th - the finals and closing of competitions


Photo from Japan

Thanks to Paul Sergeevicha Evtushenko's efforts and Arthur's fans from the Country of the Rising sun, there is an opportunity to look as it was...

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The detaila of "defeat" in Japan

Here is what the official site К-1 writes about this fight:(translation is not literal, but the sense is kept)
" … .Japan kick-boxer Hayato fighted against 19-years Arthur Kishenko. Both the sportsmen have shown good work and movement in a ring, but Hayato were better in fast counterattacks by hands and correct direct impacts. Kishenko blocked well Hayato's attacks and continued to attack by Low Kicks, but incorrectly counted distance and seemed upset, often entered in klinch and threw the opponent. The additional round has passed in active actions, the Hayato's hands work was better, therefore the Japanese fighter has won … "

And here is the brief description of the fight by Pavel Sergeevich Evtushenko's words:...



Defeat in Tokyo

Arthur Kishenko has conceded in Japan. After 3 rounds the judge could not determine the winner. And according to results of additional extra-round the victory has given HAYATO.
We wait with impatience for Arthur's return and P.S.Evtushenko, that they would tell as the fight took place and how much true decision have accepted judges.


К-1. Opponent Arthur - Japanese fighter HAYATO

Duels of fighters K-1 take place in the Japanese capital on September 4th.

Esthetic TBC K-1 WORLD MAX 2006.
10 fights will be lead. Our fighter – Arthur Kishenko will battle to Japanese sportsman Hayato.

Hayato, 1977 of a birth. In K-1 has come from a kickboxing. Acts in K-1 since 2001. Has lead 13 fights. From them – 5 victories, 7 defeats, 1 drawn game, 1 fight has finished a knockout.

As we see this is a 29-years fighter with considerable experience. Besides in Tokyo support of public to him is guaranteed. Arthur understands all this and prepares for forthcoming fight accordingly.


Girls-models wish to box

In the end of July the sport hall of club “Captain” was attended by girls from model agency “Scarlet”...



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