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Professional tournament in Kharkov

On February, 23rd, in Kharkov in Gym "Locomotive" will take place professional tournament " The STAR RING "

There will be lead 5 fights, 3 of which will pass by rules of the Thai boxing and 2 by rules of К-1.



The first competitions of 2007!

Have passed New Year's holidays and vacation and it's time to be involved in working rhythm.
Certainly, someone had a rest, but the sportsmen trained and prepared for forthcoming competitions.
Already absolutely soon, namely from February, 1 till February, 4th, will take place «The 1-st stage of the National Cup of Ukraine».
Participate - combined teams of areas, sports societies, federations

On February, 1st is the day of sportsmen's arrival, registration, weighing. In the evening there will be the toss-up.
On February, 2nd will be the beginning of competitions with Ceremonial opening.
On February, 3rd - continuation of fights.
On February, 4th - the Finals, rewarding of winners, closing of competitions.
The main judge of competitions will be the judge of a national category Lavrenko Sergey Aleksandrovich.
The rules of fight are 4 rounds for 2 minutes, with a minute break.

In parallel to this event there will take place the Open championship and superiority of the Odessa area.

The rules of fight are 4 rounds for 2 minutes, with a minute break, for young men - 3 rounds for 2 minutes with a minute break.

Place of carrying out of competitions - School №5, street Komarova 4-А.

We invite spectators and fans to these interesting competitions.


The management of area has awarded sportsmen

On December, 22nd has passed solemn rewarding leading sportsmen and trainers, heads of the sports organizations and sports clubs, presidents of regional sports federations, heads of the industrial enterprises, Olympians of the last years and veterans of sports of the Odessa area.

Sportsmen and veterans were awarded with chairman of the Odessa regional council Nikolay Skorik and the vice-governor of the Odessa area Boris Zvyagintsev.

Nikolay Skorik has congratulated sportsmen on behalf of regional council's deputies on coming holidays. Having wished to all sportsmen in the further of successes, also a sound health, having noted, that « to us really is than is proud, and we understand the importance of sport not only in prestige of area and the country, but also the main thing for health of our people because, looking at you the young generation, starts to be interested and go in for sports. And the young generation is our future ».

Representatives of the Thai boxing also have been noted on this rewarding.
The memorable prize « For high achievements in sport » was received by trainers

  • Jury Ivanovich Chervjakov
  • Pavel Alekseevich Batrinu
  • Andrey Danilovich Baranenko
  • Vladimir Viktorovich Pishenin
  • Pavel Sergeevich Yevtushenko

The memorable prize « For high achievements in sport » was received by sportsmen:

  • Irina Komar
  • Arthur Kishenko
  • Maxim Neledva

There were solemnly presented the certificate and a badge « the Master of sport of Ukraine of the international class » to Andrey Jatsun
To Arthur Kishenko and Maxim Neledve have been solemnly presented the certificate and a badge « the Meritorious master of sport of Ukraine »

The certificate and badge « the Meritorious trainer of Ukraine » solemnly have been presented to Vladimir Pishenin and Michael Mitaki.

The president of federation Gennady Truhanov has been noted by the Certificate of honour of the Odessa regional council « For the big contribution to development of sport in Ukraine »


"WHITE" set off in Moscow

On December, 20th on ring of Fightin Club " Arbat "/Мoskow/Tournament for a title of the World champion on a professional kickboxing under version WBKF in weight category up to 76 kg takes place.
In Tournament will participate 4 strongest sportsman in category up to 76кг. Draw of a title will pass on Olympic system « on knockout ». The structure of pairs will be certain as a result of a toss-up.
Participants of Tournament:



Тhai boxers have perfectly acted on a kickboxing

The Final of Cup of Ukraine on a kickboxing which took place in Odessa (14-17 December) has come to the end.

Our guys, it means the sportsmen of Thai boxing, have acted at these competitions very adequately. Naturally fights passed by kickboxing rules.



Results of 1-st national Cup of Donbass.

In the city of Enakievo has taken place The 1-st Cup of Donbass.
17 teams have participated in competitions from 10 cities and 4 areas of Ukraine.

114 sportsmen who have lead 87 fights have been declared.
Fights took place in the Palace of Sports "Miner" which answers all technical and sports norms of sports constructions for carrying out of competitions of such level.

Prize-winners of the Cup of Donbass.

1996-97 age of birth    
25 kg.
Oskarov Ramil Enakievo coach- Bondarenko
30 kg.
Chumak Vladislav
Odessa coach- Pishenin-Baranenko



1-st national Cup of Donbass.

1-st national Cup of Donbass.

From December, 7 till December, 10th in Yenakievo will take place the 1-st Cup of Donbass. In competitions will participate combined teams АR Crimea, areas, cities of Kiev, Sevastopol, sports societies And federations.


Irina Komar has remained without medals

IV world championship took place in the capital of India on boxing among women. In covered stadium in New Delhi the fight for awards was carried on almost with two hundreds sportswomen from 32 countries of all continents.

Irina Komar and her trainer Andrey Danilovich Baranenko have already come back home.
Unfortunately, Irina has returned without medals. Certainly, sports wins the strongest, but the fate, in the form of a toss-up, at times plays a fatal role.
In a quarterfinal Irina met with sportswoman from India - Renu and has lost. And the gold medal in this weight category (up to 80 kg) was won by Irina Sinetskaja from Russia.

In the Ukraine team's coin box also two silver medals, which have won Victoria Rudenko (up to 52 kg) and Lesia Kozlan (up to 66 kg). And the strongest in commonteam offset is the combined team of India, at which four gold and one silver medals. On the second place the sportswomen from Russian, on which account are three gold and as much bronze awards.


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