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Results of professional duels from Kharkov.

First three fights passed by rules of Thai boxing Мuay Thai
In the first fight, in weight category of 65 kg have met two fighters from Kharkov, and victory on points has gained...



Maxim Neledva - the best!

News from Hungary!
Maxim Neledva has a fine fight on Gran Pri Hungary on К-1. Victory of Max does not allow any occasion to doubt in this.
In short .
The Eight of fighters. The first fight at Maxim was with an Englishman. In the second round - "extinguish light" - is a knockout!
The second fight (semifinal) - the opponent, is a fighter from Spain. Fight is ambiguous, but all the same, Maxim has won. He has won on points.
The final. Ukraine - Bosnia-Herzegovina. The final has turned out not long. Maxim less than for a minute in the first round has beaten off a leg of the opponent.
Victory of Maxim is impressed and conclusive!
We CONGRATULATE!!! MAX is THE CHAMPION of Gran Pri Hungary on К-1.

The reference on site on К-1


Slavs has won in Kiev!

On February, 23rd in Kiev has taken place the tournament, under the motto "Health of generations ".
The program was saturated and various. Fights of sportsmen alternated with performances of variety stars. While we shall announce results of our fighters.

Bogdan Lukin and Pat Siam challenged The Belt of the Intercontinental Champion. Lukin has won on points. It was not simply fight for Bogdan. Fighter from Thailand hit by legs in body very accented. But Bogdan has managed to impose his own tactics, and in work by hands he looked much better. The Belt of the Intercontinental Champion sends to Kharkov! We CONGRATULATE!!!

Vyacheslav Migolatev from Ukraine participated under version К-1. He met with the Lithuanian fighter. In uneasy fight the victory is better! Glory has not allowed intercepting the initiative to the opponent. Even was a knock-down, but to develop the success has not turned out. Nevertheless, fight has turned out entertainment and very interesting. We CONGRATULATE!!!

The photo album about the last tournament will be laid out on Monday. (probably :))


Odessa «Thai sportsmen» have successfully participated in other kinds of single combats

For anybody it is not a secret, that Thai boxers, pupils of our federation, often enough participate in competitions by other kinds of single combats. It is boxing, К-1, С-1, kickboxing, Pride, hand-to-hand fight, etc. and, as a rule, participate successfully.
Now, when there was a small break between competitions, our «Thai sportsmen» fighted for medals in other kinds of sports.

Irina Komar on 8-th Championship on boxing among women.
Diana Kostenko on 8-th Universiade of Ukraine among students (boxing).
Dmitry Prut on the National Cup on hand-to-hand fight (the version hTh)...



"Gamzat" - "Absinthe liqueur" is a drawn game

On ring of Fighting Club " Arbat " took place on a kickboxing among the pro fight in a weight category up to 86 kg.
Our Vyacheslav Migolatev by a nickname "ABSINTHE LIQUEUR" (Ukraine, Odessa) met with Gamzat Isalmagomedov by a nickname "GAMZAT" (Russia, Kursk)
As a result, after 6 roundes, judges have fixed a drawn game.


The great fights are coming!

On February, 7th on ring of Fighting Club " Arbat " of the Cultural-entertaining center "Arbat" in professional fight (weight categories up to 86 kg) will meet the World champion 2003, the 2-fold champion of Europe WBKF, the champion of Russia on a kickboxing (low-kick) 2005 Gamzat Isalmagomedov by a nickname "GAMZAT" (Russia, Kursk) against the winner of a cup of Ukraine, the numerous champion of Ukraine on Thai boxing Vyacheslav Migolatev by a nickname "ABSINTHE LIQUEUR" (Ukraine, Odessa).

On February, 23rd will take place the professional fights at once in two cities, Kharkov (about this we already wrote, look below) and Kiev.

In Kiev it is planned to lead 6 fights by different kinds of single combats. Boxing, karate, pride, К-1, the Thai boxing, sumo. In fight by Thai boxing rules will meet Bogdan Lukin (Kharkov) against Pat Siam (Thailand, 25 years, 63 kg, has lead 87 fights, 69 victories, 17 defeats, 1 drawn game, the Champion of Southern Thailand,)

On February, 24th On February, 24th in Hungary will take place Hungary Gran Pri on К-1. 8 fighters will play a belt. Maxim Neledva will go to Budapest.

On March, 17th, 2007. On Siemens arena, in the Lithuanian capital, the city of Vilnius. Will start tournament of 8 the strongest fighters, in a weight category up to 70 kg. By rules of federation K-1, under name K-1 MAX EAST EUROPE GP - 2007. Our two fighters enter Into this Eight - Peter Nakonechnyj and Andrey Vakarash.. It is planned that on a match, in one of super fights will participate the winner of World Grand Prix K-1 MAX - Buakaw Por.Pramuk (Thailand), in other super fight will fight.Arthur Kishenko


Photos from the Cup of Ukraine

The photo album from the past last week 1-st stage of the Cup of Ukraine is laid out. Certainly, available it is much more than photos, but the sizes of our site, unfortunately, are limited. So let's be pleased to that is :-)

Entrance here.


The 1-st stage of the Cup of Ukraine has come to the end

Results on weight categories

The report on results of the Open championship and superiority of the Odessa area, and also picture album will be laid out hardly later


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