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The president of federation was rewarded with an award of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church


Photo album of the Ukraine championship

The photo album from the past 12 national championships of Ukraine is laid out

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Irina Komar occupies the 6 line in a world rating of boxwomen

Recently World and European ratings of amateur boxing were updated. It was very pleasant to see among others Ukrainian sportswomen the inmate of Odessa school of Thai boxing Irina Komar (a weight category up to 80 kg).
In the European rating Irina was fixed on 5-th place, and in World on 6-th.
Thanks Irina and her trainers - to Vladimir Pishenin and Andrey Baranenko.
We CONGRATULATE! So to hold!

Links to sources - European rating - World rating


Results of passed tournaments К-1

We laid out the promised report on last tournaments К-1 in Vilnius and Germany



Tournament К-1 in Germany or " Road to Las Vegas "

In Luebeck (Germany) on March, 17th will pass tournament under version К-1 – “European K-1 WARRIORS”.The pupil of the Odessa school of Thai boxing has entered into the basic eight of fighters – Vyacheslav Migolatev...



Our fighters go on K-1 MAX EAST EUROPE

On March, 17th, 2007 on " Siemens arena ", in the Lithuanian capital - Vilnius, will start tournament under name K-1 MAX EAST EUROPE GP - 2007. The eight of the strongest fighters, in a weight category up to 70 kg will dispute the belt of the Champion of the East Europe by rules K-1...



The 12th Muay Thai National Championship of Ukraine between young people.

Tomorrow in Nikolaev will start 12th Muay Thai National Championship of Ukraine between young people.

In competitions will participate sportsmen 91 year of a birth and younger.
In parallel, in the separate program, will compete sportsmen of 89-90 year of a birth. It will allow them to pile up more experience of competition before transition in the adult age category.

On March, 1st - day of arrival, credentials committee, casting of lots.
On March, 2nd - the beginning of competitions
On March, 3rd - continuation of competitions
On March, 4th - the finals, closing of competitions, departure of teams.

Competitions will take place in Child and Youthful Sport School №2 to the address: Nikolaev, 11 Sportivnaya street.


Photo album of the Kiev tournament "IN PRIVATE"

The photo album from the past on February, 23rd of Kiev tournament "In private" is laid out.

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