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Video from Seoul

There is an opportunity to look at fight between Arthur Kishenko and Korean fighter Chi-Bin Lim. Korean fighter has appeared uneasy is on impressions of the first round, but in the second Arthur has made all as it is necessary. Bravo!


We congratulate Arthur on a convincing victory!

The super latest news from Korea! Arthur Kishenko has won the fight! Both the victory has turned out prescheduled and convincing.

I quote Paul Alekseevicha Batrinu (who does not know - instructor of Arthur. And in this fight he was also his second) - " … .We have already started to worry in the first round. The first round how to be spoken " a bone in a bone ". By the end of the first round the contender has changed a rack and we have noticed it. The second round has begun; Arthur at once has started to beat on a leg. As a result is К.О. in the middle of the second round. … Admirers of Arthur did not let him pass to the bus … All thanks for support!!! "

Here is such news. Details, and may be video will be later :-)



The main fight of tournament

Absolutely soon the tournament K-1 FIGHTING NETWORK KHAN 2007 takes place in Seoul.
Basically, there are fighters from South Korea, but there are also stars of world size. They are numerous participants of final tournaments on К-1 - Albert Kraus (Holland) and Virgil Kalakoda (republic of South Africa). Our Arthur Kishenko meets with Korean fighter Chi-Bin Lim, and that the most pleasant, their fight will be the last, it will finish the tournament. And it means that organizers consider this fight by the main event of evening. Here it is possible to look pairs of fighters
Arthur - we with you!


The Korean fighters thirst for revenge.

Arthur Kishenko is invited to Korea to tournament К-1. After defeat in Tokyo the Korean fighters have decided to take the revenge at home. However, Soo-Hwan Lee on a ring will not come, he needs to be recuperate after a knockout, and contender of Arthur will be Chi-Bin Lim - the finalist of tournament К-1 in Seoul of 2007. He is 28 years old, 175 sm, 70 kg.

Fight takes place in Seoul on July, 21st.
Fans, we shall maintain "Белого"!!!


Video from Japan

There is an opportunity to look Arthurs fight and Korean fighter Soo-Hwan Lee.
It should be seen. The truth a file is rather big 18МВ, but it is worthy to be seen.
Separate thanks the person with nick-name "biven", who has laid out in guestbook a reference :-)

So, 7 fighters who in October will challenge the title of the Champion were determined.
Masato, Buakaw, Krauss, Souwer, Sato, Zambidis and Kishenko.
The eighth fighter will be determined with management of К-1


Arthur Kishenko - has deceived the Korean fighter!

The pleasant message has come from Japan.
Today, on June, 28th in capital of Japan - Tokyo, the semifinal part of tournament K-1 WORLD MAX 2007 took place.
Our Arthur Kishenko met Korean fighter Soo-Hwan Lee.
We congratulate Arthur. In 3-rd round the Korean fighter has appeared on a floor in a deep knockout. Probably, for the Korean fighter and his seconds were absolutely unexpected that Arthur has finished fight by impact in a head, instead of on a liver as is usual. It is not a secret, that before fight the future opponent are investigated, looked through all his fights, studied weak and strengths sides. Probably, and now in the Korean team have solved, that the main thing to protect a liver, but here to you please a surprise. We yet do not know, how passed the two first rounds, but the ending of fight is known - impact left in a jaw. A knockout was serious - physicians and seconds some minutes brought the fighter in consciousness.



Results of Gran Pri К-1 in Amsterdam.

The information was told over the phone by P.S.Evtushenko.

The fight Bjorn Bregy - Brecht Wallis has won Bregy.
The fight Maxim Neledva - Magomed Magomedov preceded all 3 rounds. Maxim has lead 1-st and 2-nd round very confidently and won by points. But all has broken after a section in 3-rd round. Magomed punched by leg in a head and it is strongly cut an eyelid. As a result, the judges have given the victory to "Propeller". It is clear, that for Maxim it was impossible to come on a ring in this day, and nearest future.
Running it is a little forward, we can say, that in fight Bjorn Bregy - Magomed Magomedov, Bregy knocked out Magomed and came to the final.

In other "four", the fights also were very interesting.
Paul Slowinski - Hiromi Amada. Slowinski won by a knockout.
The fight James Phillips - Zabit Samedov. The victory is at Zabit
Semifinal Paul Slowinski - Zabit Samedov. And in this fight "Маugli" has lost - for a knockout in the first round - and in the final there was an Australian fighter.

Final fight, Bjorn Bregy - Paul Slowinski has turned out short. Slowinski has sent Bregy to a knockout and has won this Gran Pri.

For many people and for us too, it is absolutely unexpected result of tournament. It is a pity certainly, that the trauma has prevented to our Maxim, but it is sports and an element of luck nobody cancelled.
All the same we congratulate Maxim Neledva with worthy performance on tournament of such level. Well done! And certainly we say BRAVO - Paul Slowinski for magnificent fights. 3 fights - 3 knockouts!


Has passed the 11-th seminar of trainers and judges

From June, 14 till June, 17th, in Odessa has passed the 11-th Training-certification seminar for instructors and judges.
It is pleasant to realize, that the Thai boxing becomes more popular every year. The quantity of participants at competitions grows and the training-judicial case increases too.
On the seminar have gathered trainers and judges from all the Ukraine.
The purpose of this action - increase of a professional and methodical level of instructors, trainers and judges on the Thai boxing, certification of instructors and judges for carrying out of trainings and competitions.
Studies with trainers structure were spent by the Honored trainers of Ukraine Yevtushenko and Mitaki. With the judicial case worked - chairman of a judiciary board of the Ukrainian federation of Thai boxing Мuay Thai - Lavrenko.
All participants of seminar have confidently passed certification and have received attestations and certificates.
It is certified: instructors and trainers - 46 person, judges - 24.
It is become much more professionals in Thai boxing!


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