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K-1 МАХ 2007 the Final of World championship. On October, 3rd. Tokyo.

Already absolutely soon in capital of Japan will pass the final of K-1 МАХ 2007. And to us it is very pleasant, that in this 8 of super fighters there is also a representative of Ukraine - Arthur Kishenko.
Here is the structure of pairs and a grid of tournament


And all tournament will pass under the following script
- Before opening ceremony will pass 2 fights opening tournament
GORI (Japan) – Ryoji (Japan)
Murat Direkci (Turky) - Sofiane Allouache (France)

Opening ceremony, representation of fighters
Super fight: HIROYA (Japan) - Kwon Eolzzang (Korea)
Reserve fight: Takayuki Kohiruimaki (Japan) - Virgil Kalakoda (South Africa)

1-st fight: Masato (Japan) - Buakaw Por. Pramuk (Thailand)
2-nd fight: Mike Zambidis (Greece) – Arthur Kishenko (Ukraine)
3-rd fight: Albert Kraus (Holland) - Yoshihiro Sato (Japan)
4-th fight: Andy Souwer (Holland) – Drago (Armenia)

- The winner of 1-st fight and the winner of 2-nd fight
- The winner of 3-rd fight and the winner of 4-th fight

Break - fighters should restore forces and to lick wounds after the previous fights.

Super fight: Kazuya Yasuhiro (Japan) - Su Hwan Lee (Republic of Korea)

Final fight of tournament - is the Final in which winners of semifinals will converge.

Here such Super show takes place on October, 3rd in Tokyo.
Fans, lets support Arthur!!!


Output of the cup-final of Ukraine on the Thai boxing

Output of the cup-final of Ukraine on the Thai boxing


Nikita Djukarev rewarded with golden watch

On Friday on September, 16th Minister of Education having visited the Kharkov national auto-road university has presented to the honors student of study Nikita Djukarev(to the world champion on the Thai boxing) memorable golden watch with the signature «From Minister of Education and a science of Ukraine of Nikolaenko S.M.»


Photo album from the Cup of Ukraine

Cup-final of Ukraine on Мuay Thai (part 2)


The Final of The Cup of Ukraine

On September, 13th in Nikolaev the final part of the Cup of Ukraine on the Thai boxing has started.
On the eve sportsmen have gathered in Nikolaev from all Ukraine.

On September, 12th participants were registered and passed the control weighing, and there has passed a toss-up in the evening.
There have passed credentials committee and will participate in competitions - 144 sportsmen. Someone can this figure will seem not so big, I shall try to explain. Usually Cup of Ukraine passed as one competition, and in this year the federation of the Thai boxing of Ukraine has decided to lead it to 3 stages: 1-st in Odessa (February), 2-nd Kherson (August) and 3-rd final stage now in Nikolaev. And on a final part there have arrived best of the best; other fighters have remained at home to train.
On September, 16th there will be the Finals, rewarding of winners, delivery of the Cup and solemn closing of competitions.
The main judge of competitions is the judge of a national category Lavrenko Sergey Aleksandrovich.

Success to all participants of competitions, let will win the strongest one!

Cup-final of Ukraine on Мuay Thai


Ukrainian Thai boxers have perfectly participated in Germany

Good news from Kharkov were sent by Maxim Kijko

In Carslou, Germany from August, 25th till September, 1st, 2007 passed The World championship under version WKA (world kickboxing association).
In section the Thai boxing in a weight category of 65 kg the world champion became the sportsman of the Kharkov regional federation of the Thai boxing Muay Thai Djukarev Nikita.
The way to a gold medal at Nikita has lay through 3 fights:
- The quarter-final fight - is the victory over the sportsman from Turkey;



Ukrainian juniors visit to Czechia

From 14.07.07 till 22.07.07 in Czechia trained and had a rest the younger combined team of Ukraine on Thai boxing in structure of: Monastirsky Igor, Denisova Margarita, Gubar Feodor, Kogan Leonid, Bojchenko Igor, Lebedev Dmitry, Bondarenko Alexander and trainer Natalia Kogan...



In the first fight Arthur will meet with Zambidis

From informal sources the information on structure of pairs on K-1 WORLD MAX 2007 -World Championship Final, which takes place on October, 3rd in Tokyo is received. We pay your attention, that this structure of pairs is not final and changes are possible.

1 pair Buakaw Por. Pramuk/Thailand – Masato/Japan
2 pair Mike Zambidis/Greece – Arthur Kishenko/Ukraina
3 pair Andy Souwer /Holland – Drago/Armenia
4 pair Yoshihiro Sato/Japan - Albert Kraus/Holland

As you can see, an empty place of 8-th participant in the final occupied the Dutch sportsman (representer of Armenia) - Drago. For the sake of justice, it is necessary to tell, that fight Drago - Zambidis has turned out very entertainment and equal. Judges only after an additional round have given victory to Zambidis


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