K-1. Ukraine is in Grand Prix of the Eastern Europe

On March 10, 2006 in Lithuania on Siemens ring of the city Vilnius in 6000 spectators’ presence the official tournament K-1 MAX (the eight of the strongest fighters by formula К-1, weight category 70 kg) took place called Grand Prix of the Eastern Europe.

Two sportsmen from Odessa Peter Nakonechnyy and Artur Kyshenko represented Ukraine. And they performed extremely well!

Peter Nakonechnyy, famous for his nickname «Odessit» met in super fight by K-1 (3 rounds for 3 minutes, weight category 70 kg) with Vasiliy Shysh (Belarus). Vasiliy is an experienced fighter (he was born 07.08.82, he has Intercontinental title (prof.) 2000, IKF World title (prof.) 2001, IKF World title (prof.) 2003, ISS European title 2002, 2003, WKN 47 prof. fights). Both fighters are representatives of Thai boxing


The first round was quiet, the fighters did prospecting. In the second round Peter began to attack and he did some strong exact blows. All particularly remember the backfist. In the third round Vasiliy got tired, and Peter increased his advantages. It is necessary to notice that despite of tiring Vasiliy Shysh tried to do kick by his leg to head. If Peter Nakonechnyy lowered his left hand at least on the second, the fight would finish ahead of time. The third round was also by Peter`s leading. The judges couldn`t definite the winner (we can explain it because of Vasiliy Shysh is well-known among Lithuanians and the odds were in his favor) and was held additional - extra round, in which Peter looked better, and in result Peter Nakonechnyy won by points.

We congratulate «Odessit»!

Let`s go to fights by K-1 in net Grand Prix!

All fights are 3 rounds for 3 minutes, one extra round will be possible in an equal fight, and in final 2 extra rounds will be possible for definite a champion.

The first Artur`s fight.
In first fight Kyshenko met with the representative Lithuania Egidius Brandishauskas. The fight was very short. From first seconds Artur has brought down on his opponent many blows. A blow in area of a liver was last in this fight. There was a clean victory in the first round.

The second fight. Semifinal.
Artur`s contender is Belarusian fighter Yuriy Bulat. Bulat is a very experienced fighter. But young, who has title of World Champion of Thai boxing, Artur Kyshenko has managed to impose his rate of fight. In the second round Bulat has received cutting. In the third round Kyshenko had initiative and advantage. There was an exact and strong blow on the right through a hand. The fight is stopped because of a strong bleeding. There was victory by a technical knockout in the third round.

The third fight.
FINAL GRAND PRIX "K-1" of the Eastern Europe: Lithuanian fighter Marius Budginkas – Artur Kyshenko. The fighters had lead already on 2 duels, were traumatized and have given many forces for the previous victories. The final was only one round. The Lithuanian fighter after several missed powerful low-kicks misses the accented blow in a liver. The knockdown - open the score. Then Artur strikes some more low-kicks and the seconds from Lithuanian corner have thrown out a towel as a sign of refusing the continuation of the fight. There was a convincing victory in the first round.
Ukrainian fighter Artur Kyshenko became Winner of GRAND PRIX "K-1" of the Eastern Europe! We congratulate him!!!

Artur Kyshenko sends to Japan on results of the past Grand Prix, where on April 5, 2006 in Tokyo will take place a final part of
K-1 WORLD MAX 2006


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