Two Ukrainians go to Japan

While the national team of Ukraine prepares to the European championship, Arthur Kyshenko prepares to next Gran-Pri К-1. We will remind, that on July, 7th in capital of Japan fighters will make one more step to the Final. The matter is that organizers of competitions have a little changed regulations of definition of the champion. If in previous years the Final played 8 fighters in one evening now in a final part the belt of the champion will be challenged only by four sportsmen. This innovation should make struggle of more entertainment. After all cases, when in final fight one of sportsmen leaves with traumas so the fight is consider impossible.

So, on July, 7th 8 fighters will lead by one fight and winners of these fights will play a belt of the Champion 2008 on October, 1st.
Arthur Kyshenko will fight with Japanese fighter - Yasuhiro Kido. This technical fighter has finished the previous fight for 20 seconds, having sent the opponent in a deep knockout by knee blow in a head. It does not confuse Arthur, he systematically prepares for fight.

It is very pleasant, that our fighters even more often start to invite to competitions of such level. On July, 7th in Tokyo one more Ukrainian fighter – Konstantyn Trishyn will boxing. He will fight with Japanese Susumu Daiguji in a weight category of 60 kg. It is a new weight category for К-1. Remains that weight category or not it is not clear, the Japanese organizers of tournaments search for new ways of development of this kind of single combats.


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