Peter Nakonechnyy is European Champion К-1 MAX

Our sportsmen have perfectly acted on Gran Pri Europe К-1 MAX. Peter Nakonechnyy became the winner of this tournament. We congratulate Peter on this victory. Ivan Grigoryev has reached a semi-final, that is too quite good. We will remind that all fights passed within one evening, and finalists had to spend on 3 fights. And now is more detailed ABT fights.

1-st fight Nakonechnyy - ANDRE BUDA / Romania/. Fight all three rounds went, as they say «a bone in a bone». The Romanian fighter has shown to Peter desperate resistance. But the inhabitant of Odessa has appeared more strongly and more variously. This fight is recognized by the best fight of tournament.

1-st fight Grigoryev - NDERIM ISMAILI /Germany/. Ivan Grigoriev has very confidently won the German though fight has lasted all three rounds. There were chances to finish fight ahead of schedule, but Ivan did not use them.

2-nd fight Nakonechnyy – Yuryy Gorbachev /Belarus/. Fight has ended in 2nd round after Peter's "firm" blow - back kick an impact with turn in liver area. This impact is very dangerous and at Peter it turns out. A knockout. Yuryy Gorbachev withdraws, and Peter passes in the ending.

2-nd fight Grigoryev - MICHAL GLOGOWSKI /Poland/. Fight lasted all 3 rounds. Sportsmen did not regret the opponent. Probably, Ivan did not have experience for this purpose a little to change and outwit the Polish fighter. As a result - fight is equal, but judges have given a victory to the Pole.

Final Nakonechnyy - MICHAL GLOGOWSKI /Poland/. All 3 rounds there was persistent struggle on a ring. And never the less Nakonechnyy was more exact, is more QIK and is more active than the opponent. The judicial brigade has unanimously given a victory to our sportsman.
Peter Nakonechnyy is European Champion К-1 MAX.


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