Holiday of Champions

On January, 17th, in a night club «Palladium» has taken place the holiday on which in solemn conditions congratulated sportsmen, members of a national team of Ukraine. The ratio to this event was expressed by the President of Ukraine - Victor Yushchenko. To federation has come the telegramme in which the President of the country warmly congratulates all our national team on a victory, and wishes successes in the future competitions.

Many kind words have been told to parents of sportsmen, trainers structure and certainly to the President of federation - to Gennady Truhanovu. As this day Gennady Leonidovicha had a birthday.

The city mayoralty has prepared for Gennady Truhanov a pleasant surprise - having awarded him. « For the powerful personal contribution to physical training and sports development in Odessa, active public work and on the occasion of a victory of the Ukrainian national team on the Thai boxing in the World championship of 2007 the Medal of distinction from Odessa city government.»


The holiday has turned out cheerful and interesting. The congratulations were prepared by actors and sportsmen, and towards the end of an official part on a stage has risen the author and singer Evgeniy Kemerovsky and has presented all present some new songs.

After an official part the holiday has continued with a daring disco.


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