"Dynamite " is on a visit at federation

In Odessa on May, 9th in the Palace of Sports has taken place the international tournament on bodybuilging

There participated athletes from the different countries.
Leaded the tournament Vladimir Turchinsky - the well-known athlete who has established some records brought in the Ginnes's book of records, the owner of a rank №1 in the international television show " Fights of gladiators ", the strongest person of Russia of 1998 under the version of professional league " Inerstrong ", the numerous participant of world championships World's strongest man.

And before competitions Vladimir Turchinsky, Vince Taylor (professional bodybuilder from the USA), Kirilenko Pavel (St.-Petersburg, Russia) and our fellow countryman, Dmitry Salik from Odessa, under the invitation of president Gennady Truhanov, have come on a visit to our boxers.
In easy, friendly condition sportsmen shared impressions, photographed and distributed autographes.

Gennady Truhanov, Pavel Yevtushenko and Vladimir Turchinsky

Maxim Neledva gives the autograph to "Dynamite"

Combined team from a boarding school №5 and the senior comrades from bodybuilging

Pavel Kirilenko (Russia) has taken the first place at the last competitions

The cheerful company

Тhai boxers and participants of the International tournament on bodybuilging

Vince Taylor (the numerous participant of tournaments " Mr. Olympia ") and Pavel Yevtushenko

It is possible to go on parade!


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