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Changes in Dutch Gran Pri

At last organizers of Gran Pri К-1 in Amsterdam have laid out the structure of 8. Also has not done without surprises. All has changed. The previous information which we have received by e-mail has appeared incorrect. We present readers of our site apologies.
So, now Maxim Neledva in the first fight meets Russian boxer Magomed Magomedov. His basic specialization - the Thai boxing, On every possible tournaments acted under a pseudonym - "Propeller".
The second pair in this four is Bjorn Bregi (Switzerland) and Brecht Wallis (Belgium).
These changes have not affected in any way Maxim's fighting mood.
With impatience we wait Saturday. Maxim, we with you!


Maxim Neledva goes to Holland

Absolutely soon, namely on June, 23rd, in Amsterdam, will pass K1 World Grandprix 2007.
In the basic 8, in which will be played the permit to Japan , is our fighter – Maxim Neledva. In the first fight Max will meet the Belarus fighter – Zabit Samedov, known also by a nickname «Maugly» (Tarzan)
Here is how the grid of basic 8 looks.

Except of Grand prix К-1 fights, are expected tremendous duels in super fights among stars of К-1 in the program of evening .

  • Remy Bonjasky (NL) - Peter Aerts (NL)
  • Sem Schilt (NL) - Mighty Mo (USA)
  • Melvin Manhoef (NL) - Руслан Караев (RU)
  • Gokhan Saki (TUR) - Mourad Bouzidi (NL)
  • Joerie Mes (NL) - Murat Direkci (BE)
  • Tarik el Idrissi (NL) - Pajonsuk (THA)

In super fights by rules ММА will pass the duels between

  • Allistair Overeem (NL) - Micheal Knaap (NL)
  • Vincent Latoel (NL) - Sahin”Kaas” Yakut (TUR)
  • Gilbert Yvel (NL) - Hakim Gouram (BE)

Well, we shall wish Maxim of good luck and we will be root for him!


" The cup of Kiev "

On May, 27 28th, in capital of Ukraine has passed the international tournament - « the Cup of Kiev ». The combined team of Kiev fighted to sportsmen from Slovakia, Moldova, Belarus and other cities of Ukraine. Fighters represented such kinds of single combats, as Thai boxing, Kikboxing and К-1.

9 duels have been lead. Unfortunately, we have no full information on all fights, therefore we shall tell about our fighter.
The federation of Thai boxing was represented by Sergey Lashchenko (a weight category over 91 kg., Pavlograd, trainer Prihodko, recently trains in Odessa at Mr. Yevtushenko Pavla). Sergey boxed with Andrey Olejnikov by rules К-1 and has won by points. It would be desirable to notice, that it is unique fight in which the sportsman of a combined team of Kiev has came off second-best.

We congratulate the Kiev boxers and Sergey Lashchenko with excellent fights!!!


Results of the last fights in Lithuania.

So, a general impression - the organizers of tournament are pleasantly surprised by a high level of our sportsmen. Fights have liked public. Probably, in 1-2 months, in Baltic one more similar tournament takes place.
Fights passed by rules К-1, but with small amendments - the judicial brigade and organizers have decided to award a victory over fight, only if the fighter has won by knockout or clear advantage, the drawn game otherwise was awarded.
Now about fights.
Michael Babenko from Оrdgenikidze in the first round has sent the opponent in a knockout by impact in a liver.
The following 4 fights - Andrey Movshenko, Alexander Medvedev, Peter Nakonechnyj and Ivan Grigoriev have finished in a draw. It does not mean, that fights were slow, guys fighted fine, but "drop" the opponent they could not. And itself to win have not given.
Alexander Tsjupikov, +91 kg, from Dnepropetrovsk has lost. It is a pity. But could win. In 1-st round Alexander has sent the opponent in knockdown, but to develop success it has not turned out. And in 3-rd round Sasha has missed impact and has appeared in a knockout.
Result 1 victory, 4 drawn games and 1 defeat. And certainly good impression left by the fights.
Good fellows!


Irina Komar has brought the regular medal to Odessa!

In Istanbul with 8-th till 14th May passed the international tournament on boxing. In structure of the Ukrainian team was 13 sportwomen. Odessa was represented by Irina Komar.
The Ukrainian team has acted successfully enough and has won 1 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Irina acted in a weight category up to 80 kg. In this weight competed 7 girls.

In 1-st fight Ira has met with Romanian sportwoman and has confidently won.
2-nd fight. Resisted to Irina the Europe Champion 2006 - the fighter from Poland. Judges were unanimous - Komar has won.
3-rd fight. The final. Ira fighted with the Turkish woman, silver prize-winner of World Championship 2005 and bronze prize-winner of World Championship 2006. Fight was very persistent, Irina has given all forces for a victory, but judges have given a victory to the competitor.
We congratulate Irina Komar on worthy fight for a combined team of Ukraine on boxing!!!


The Ukrainian sportsmen go to Klaipeda (Lithuania)

On May, 20th in the city of Klaipeda there will pass international match meeting Ukraine - Lithuania by rules К-1.

Ukraine represent:
63,5 kg Babenko Michael, Оrdgenikidze
67 kg Movshenko Andrey, Nikolaev
70 kg Medvedev Alexander, Sevastopol
76 kg Nakonechnyj Peter, Odessa
81 kg Grigoriev Ivan, Odessa-Sevastopol
+91 kg Tsjurpikov Alexander, Dnepropetrovsk
Lets wish our fighters of good luck!


Arthur Kishenko will meet in Tokyo the Korean fighter

On official site К-1 there was an information on forthcoming tournament К-1.

On June, 28th in capital of Japan - Tokyo, there will pass a semifinal part of tournament K-1 WORLD MAX 2007. Before the beginning of the basic fights organizers have planned two superfights. Then 14 fighters of the basic structure will lead 7 fights which winners get in a final part.

Arthur Kishenko will meet in a ring Korean fighter Soo-Hwan Lee. This sportsman for 3 years is more senior than Arthur and on 5-7см above. In К-1 has lead 4 fights, 2 has won (one ahead of schedule) and 2 has lost. Outside of version К-1 has lead 29 fights, 26 has won, 3 has lost, 23 KOs.

Titles Soo-Hwan Lee

Korea Junior Welterweight Champion 2001
Korea Grand Prix 65kg Champion 2002
Korea Middleweight Champion 2003
MBC-ESPN Young-Ji Medicine Cup 70kg Champion 2005.

Here such a rival at our Arthur. On the preparation for fight remains hardly more month, with what Kishenko now is busy.


"Dynamite " is on a visit at federation

...before competitions Vladimir Turchinsky, Vince Taylor (professional bodybuilder from the USA), Kirilenko Paul (St.-Petersburg, Russia) and our fellow countryman, Dmitry Salik from Odessa, under the invitation of president Gennady Truhanov, have come on a visit to our boxers.
In easy, friendly condition sportsmen shared impressions, photographed and distributed autographes...



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